We have plenty of properties, we just don't put them online!

When a home becomes available we first offer it to people on our database and find the best match. Please register with us and we will notify you before it even goes on the market!


We don’t advertise our properties online because we have a strong database of tenants looking for accommodation. When a home becomes available, we first offer it to people who are looking in the area, and we always find a good match.

With so many people looking, advertising online creates false expectations and increases pressure on tenants, encouraging competition and forcing prices up. We don’t support this, and we have signed the pledge sponsored by Acorn not to engage in Bidding Wars. At Rent Happily, we offer one price, one applicant at a time.

Most online ads on major property portals show as “Let Agreed” already at the point of advertising; Estate agents simply do that to increase their hold on these portals.

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Quotation Mark Quotation Mark
  • We have been extremely impressed with the service offered by Rent Happily; they're very prompt and professional when dealing with us or with the tenants and ensuring that we are adhering to regulations. I really wanted to emphasise how great you guys are without going OTT. Surely the best letting agency in bristol!

    Angela and Leroy G. Happy Landlords
  • As soon as we contacted Rent Happily we had the clear impression they were different from the other agencies we've tried. The team has been incredibly helpful to find the perfect house for our little family, and, since then, they've been there for us every time we needed them. We can't recommend them enough.

    Nico and Gosia S. Happy Tenants
  • I have had a tenancy with Rent Happily since 2014. The team is accessible and responsive, always in a timely and professional way. The property has been maintained to a high standard and requests for repairs are dealt with promptly. This is a perfect example of how private tenancies can work well. Thank you Rent Happily.

    Patricia R. Happy Tenant
  • I have happily rented properties with this company for over five years and have always been extremely happy with their professional work. They have always been there to help with any requirements. Great team to work with!

    Mark A. Happy Tenant
  • We have rented a property with Rent Happily for 6+ years now. They have always been very helpful and if there are any issues they are happy to get the problem fixed, in the quickest, fairest manner. The team are very friendly and approachable, you couldn't ask for more.

    Tom C. Happy Tenant
  • After nearly three happy years renting this house, I now have to leave. I'm so thankful for this time living at the house; absolutely everything has been positive about this experience. Thanks a lot for everything!

    Damaris M. Happy Tenant