• Rent increase after Fee Ban? No thank you

Rent increase after Fee Ban? No thank you

17 Dec 2019

The Fee Ban was a well-needed piece of legislation as it stopped agents from abusing the power they have over the tenants.

Many agencies were charging tenants for referencing, for inventories, for viewings, when actually the landlords were supposed to pay for that service. It resulted in hefty application fees, sometimes so high that it prevented tenants from moving home.

Unfortunately, the Fee Ban has impacted the rent negatively, as many agents tried recouping their losses via increased rents, in a move to transfer the cost of the bill to the tenants, as explained in this article.

At Rent Happily, we haven't raised a single rent due to the Fee Ban, because we have never changed fees to tenants in the first place, even when it was still lawful to do so.

Also, we have always encouraged long term tenancies, and not charging application fees has been instrumental in allowing free movement of tenants if they wish to do so, which is one of the key premises of the rental market. And our results speak for themselves, our retention level being twice as long as the market average.

Actually, we see the Fee Ban as an opportunity for agencies to become more efficient, to charge only what is necessary, when necessary, and to favour longer tenancies.

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  • I have happily rented properties with this company for over five years and have always been extremely happy with their professional work. They have always been there to help with any requirements. Great team to work with!

    Mark A. Happy Tenant
  • I have been a tenant with Rent Happily for five years; they have always been quick efficient and pleased to affect any necessary repairs or help whenever needed. An extremely professional and understanding team, they are friendly and easy to communicate with.

    Naomi F. Happy Tenant
  • The team at Rent Happily is a pleasure to work with, they are easy to get hold of if need be and prompt to resolve problems. Thank you.

    Wayne A. Happy Tenant
  • The team has been great at communicating with me and the tenants, and they have managed things expertly and hassle free. I have had a consistently high level of personalised service throughout what has been absolutely a superb experience.

    Ahmed O. Happy Landlord
  • Rent Happily has been managing our properties for seven years now. As a team they are fantastic, whether liaising with tenants, keeping up to date with any maintenance when needed, or making sure that we always comply with any new regulations. When we have tenant changeovers, they have been very quick to find new tenants so any void periods have been minimal. I thoroughly recommend their property management services.

    Caryl and Becky W. Happy Landlords
  • Thanks for your wonderful job you are doing over there!

    Atinsola B. Happy Landlord