• Happy tenants reduce void in tenancies

Happy tenants reduce void in tenancies

20 Jan 2020

Void in properties is costly to the landlord and useless to society, especially when many tenants are looking for a place to call Home.

The best way to avoid empty time between tenancies is to have lengthy tenancies, which is what both tenants and landlord want eventually. To this end, we establish a good working relationship between the parties, and the results speak for themselves: our tenants stay twice as long as the market average, as you can see on our homepage.

Another way to attract and keep tenants is to make them happy of course, but how to do this? This article suggests that giving super-fast broadband or gift baskets is key, yet we believe this is not enough. What makes a happy tenant is a good property, at a fair price, and with honest management. And through this, we can boast of a SuperFast turnaround, and our void period is only 12 days on average, as described here.

Why would you leave a place if you are happy there?

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Quotation Mark Quotation Mark
  • The team at Rent Happily is a pleasure to work with, they are easy to get hold of if need be and prompt to resolve problems. Thank you.

    Wayne A. Happy Tenant
  • I have had a tenancy with Rent Happily since 2014. The team is accessible and responsive, always in a timely and professional way. The property has been maintained to a high standard and requests for repairs are dealt with promptly. This is a perfect example of how private tenancies can work well. Thank you Rent Happily.

    Patricia R. Happy Tenant
  • As soon as we contacted Rent Happily we had the clear impression they were different from the other agencies we've tried. The team has been incredibly helpful to find the perfect house for our little family, and, since then, they've been there for us every time we needed them. We can't recommend them enough.

    Nico and Gosia S. Happy Tenants
  • I have let through Rent Happily for a few years now and can honestly say they are the best letting agency I've used. They are friendly, reasonable and incredibly helpful. I highly recommend them.

    Niamh W. Happy Tenant
  • I have been with this team for five years fully managing my property; they have been very professional, friendly and helpful. My rent has always been on time and put straight into my account. An excellent experience!

    Sagheer A. Happy Landlord
  • We have been extremely impressed with the service offered by Rent Happily; they're very prompt and professional when dealing with us or with the tenants and ensuring that we are adhering to regulations. I really wanted to emphasise how great you guys are without going OTT. Surely the best letting agency in bristol!

    Angela and Leroy G. Happy Landlords