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21 Aug 2023

Unlocking the Potential of Property Licensing: A Solution for UK Cities

The rental market in the UK has been facing unprecedented challenges in recent years. Skyrocketing rents, dwindling supply, and landlords exiting the market have all contributed to a crisis that affects both property owners and tenants. However, there's a glimmer of hope on the horizon – property licensing schemes.

Understanding the Rising Rents When it Comes to Bristol Property Lettings

The primary reason for the surge in rents can be attributed to rising costs. Interest rates have seen a tenfold increase in less than two years, forcing landlords to adjust rents to cover their increased mortgage expenses. However, the rise in rents has not kept pace with the soaring mortgages, leaving landlords with shrinking profit margins.

The Licensing Scheme Dilemma

One crucial factor exacerbating the problem is the licensing scheme. This regulation requires landlords to obtain a property license if they wish to rent their property to three or more individuals. Consequently, unlicensed properties are limited to accommodating only two sharers. This restriction reduces the available capacity for tenants and has a ripple effect on rental prices.

Landlords Exiting the Market

As if diminishing profits weren't enough, landlords also face tightened regulations and mounting uncertainties. This has led to a significant number of landlords exiting the rental market, further depleting the housing supply. Tenants in cities like Bristol are feeling the brunt of this situation as they struggle to find affordable housing.

The looming shadow of the Renters Reform adds to the uncertainty, while stringent Energy Efficiency rules discourage landlords from making further investments in the sector. In addition, the allure of higher house prices is tempting landlords to explore alternative investments, prompting some to abandon the rental market altogether.

Embracing the Property License

So, what can cities in the UK do to address these pressing issues in their rental markets? One potential solution lies in embracing and refining the property licensing scheme.

By carefully analysing and re-evaluating the licensing requirements, cities can strike a balance between regulatory compliance and the need for affordable housing. Adjusting the criteria for property licenses to accommodate more tenants could help alleviate the supply shortage and mitigate rising rents.

What’s more, offering incentives for landlords to maintain and upgrade their properties to meet energy efficiency standards can encourage their continued participation in the rental market.

At Rent Happilywe want to help landlords take full advantage of the property license, so that they can offer moderate rents to more tenants

As independent letting agents, we want to be the people you call when you need quick renting solutions. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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