• Best Letting Agent Bristol/ Bristol Letting Agent

Best Letting Agent Bristol/ Bristol Letting Agent

21 Aug 2023

Rent Happily: The Best Letting Agent in Bristol for Stress-Free Property Management

In the competitive world of letting agencies, Rent Happily stands out as a shining example of excellence. Our commitment to exceptional service and our unwavering focus on properties have made us one of the best letting agencies in the business. Here's why you should choose Rent Happily for all your property management needs.

High Tenant Retention

At Rent Happily, we pride ourselves on achieving high tenant retention rates. Our tenants love their homes so much that they prefer not to leave unless circumstances dictate otherwise. Our average tenant stay is an impressive 28 months, a significant contrast to the industry average of 18 months.

Superfast Turnaround

At Rent Happily, we focus on efficiency and tenant satisfaction. A whopping 98% of tenant applications are accepted because we understand that when tenants find a good house at a fair price, with a reputable agent, they want to move in without delay.

Virtually No Rent Arrears

Our rent collection track record speaks volumes about our commitment to financial security. We boast an outstanding 99% record of timely rent collection, which is ten times better than the industry standard.

Minimal Void Periods

We understand the importance of minimising the empty time of your property between tenancies. Our managed properties experience an astonishingly low void period, with an average of only 12 days. This is half of the market trend, ensuring that your property remains occupied and income-generating.

Properties Given the Love They Deserve

We believe that happy tenants take better care of their homes. To promote this, we do timely inspections, we encourage and guide tenants on how to look after their home, and we step in promptly when a contractor is required. As a result, only 4% of deposit funds are retained in the end, a remarkable difference compared to the industry's average of 40% deductions.

Our Unique Approach to Property Advertising as a Leading Bristol Letting Agent

Unlike many other agencies, we don't advertise our properties online. Instead, we rely on our robust database of tenants actively seeking accommodation. When a property becomes available, we prioritise offering it to individuals looking in the specific area, ensuring a perfect match between tenants and properties.

Our stance against online advertising is driven by our commitment to fairness and transparency. We have pledged not to engage in Bidding Wars, as sponsored by Acorn. Rent Happily offers one price, one applicant at a time, avoiding the creation of false expectations, tenant pressure, and price inflation.

To learn more about our Bristol property lettings, take a look around our website today and get in touch with us for any questions.

Quotation Mark Quotation Mark
  • I have only ever had good experiences with Rent Happily. The team are friendly and helpful, they treat us with respect and I've always felt like they value us as tenants. Not something I've come to expect from an estate agent! Thanks for being the kind of estate agent I am happy to write a testimonial for!

    Zoe R. Happy Tenant
  • We have been extremely impressed with the service offered by Rent Happily; they're very prompt and professional when dealing with us or with the tenants and ensuring that we are adhering to regulations. I really wanted to emphasise how great you guys are without going OTT. Surely the best letting agency in bristol!

    Angela and Leroy G. Happy Landlords
  • Over the last three years of renting through Rent Happily, my rental experience has been a very positive one. Always very quick to respond whenever needed. Thank you!

    Charlotte B. Happy Tenant
  • The team at Rent Happily is a pleasure to work with, they are easy to get hold of if need be and prompt to resolve problems. Thank you.

    Wayne A. Happy Tenant
  • I have been a tenant with Rent Happily for five years; they have always been quick efficient and pleased to affect any necessary repairs or help whenever needed. An extremely professional and understanding team, they are friendly and easy to communicate with.

    Naomi F. Happy Tenant
  • This is our first let with Rent Happily. We have used numerous letting agents in the past and we are amazed by how much better in every department this agency is. The level of organisation and efficiency is fantastic. They really know their stuff and are on top of all the legal, financial and practical details. Their systems work and they are responsive to concerns and queries. The tenant selection process is based on finding a good fit for the landlord, the tenant and the property. The commitment to treating both tenant and landlord fairly is something we far prefer given the lack of ethical standard commonly seen in this business. This approach really takes the stress out of letting out a property. These are qualities we did never expected to find in this business and so we feel very lucky to have found Rent Happily.

    Margot Y. Happy Landlord